Petition: Balance the Budget

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The Issue:

There is no question in my mind, that a Balanced Budget Amendment is overdue. Our country is facing catastrophic economic turmoil inflicted by out-of-control wasteful Washington spending habits and skyrocketing deficits. The federal government should balance its budget each year.  Our families do it.  Most states do it.   Why can't Washington do the same? We need the Balanced Budget Amendment today.

The Action:

America’s on-going hardships are not here because of a revenue problem they are here because of a spending problem.  I hope you will join me in exerting every possible effort to avoid passing this burden onto our children and grandchildren.  We must take action TODAY!  PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION!  It's time to pass the Balanced Budget Amendment!

The Petition:

I believe it is time for the Federal Government to balance its budget, just as my family does every month.  I am not willing to leave this dilemma for my children and grandchildren to deal with. I pledge my full support of the immediate passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment.

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