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While America’s unemployment rate has exceeded 8% and Michigan has exceeded 8.5% for nearly three consecutive years, it is clear that getting Americans back to work is the top priority of the day.  Achieving sustained economic growth and creating jobs in Michigan is Congressman Dave Camp’s number one priority in Congress.  And while, Michigan's unemployment rate has decreased slightly in the last year from 10.9% to 8.5% currently, that number is still widely-unacceptable.

Following the spend then tax spree enacted by the Obama Administration, Camp has and continues to propose and support efforts aimed at immediate and long-term steps to be enacted that will help Michigan families and friends find employment.

Free markets, free enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurship are the foundation for economic growth and job creation in America and Michigan.  For the past four years, Democrats in Washington have enacted policies that undermine these basic concepts that have historically placed America and Michigan at the forefront of the global marketplace.  Republicans have a plan to get our economy moving again:

  • Repeal and replace the most egregious provisions in the health care bill so small and large businesses alike aren’t crushed by skyrocketing health care costs and taxes and penalties. Also, ensure employees will not lose the health care coverage they have or be taxed if they don’t have the “right” kind of coverage.
  • Lower the tax burden on all American families and businesses. In this economic climate, it is absolutely wrong to raise taxes on families and employers. If we do anything on this front, we should make the tax code simpler and fairer, not larger and more painful.
  • Get energy prices under control – that is everything from gas prices to electricity rates. Lower energy prices and a reliable energy supply are keys to economic success, especially in the manufacturing sector.
  • We must enforce our trade laws so other countries do not have an unfair advantage when competing with our workers. Trade yields many benefits for the Michigan economy, but we must hold our trading partners accountable.
  • Invest in our workers and invest in Research and Development. We need to have the best retraining programs and we must invest heavily in R&D. I am proud to have authored a bipartisan bill to expand the R&D tax credit that helps companies invest more money right here in America. I also helped get enacted an expanded Trade Adjustment Assistance program to help retrain workers for a new and diversifying economy.

Not since the Great Depression has our unemployment rate been this high for this long, and yet the president has failed to address the issues that are making it hard for families and employers in Michigan and throughout our nation to get by.  The president has abdicated his role on our nation’s $15.6 trillion debt, has embraced an aloof attitude toward high gas and energy prices, and any call for spending reduction.  While the president and his Administration discuss raising taxes it only becomes more clear how out-of-touch they really are and simultaneously becomes harder for the more than 14 million unemployed Americans to find a job.

We can get Washington and our economy back on track.  House Republicans have offered real solutions to deal with America’s debt and economic crisis.  We have called for a total overhaul of the tax code in order to reduce the complexities that burden American employers.  Given today’s jobs report, it is time for the president to engage the will of the American people as House Republicans have done from day one -- cut spending, get our debt under control and get America back to work.


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