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Achieving sustained economic growth and creating jobs in Michigan is my top priority. The harsh reality is that the American economy continues to suffer and our unemployment rate is at an unacceptable level. Michigan employers and families continue to struggle with a declining job market.
I believe we can provide access to quality health care for every American by improving our current system to expand health care coverage and reduce costs. This can be done without having a government takeover of our health care system. But our voices have not been heard because the Obama Administration and the Democrat Leadership has shut Republicans out of the drafting process of the current proposed health care legislation.
Despite already record deficits, the Obama Administration and the Democrats in Congress continue to spend the money of the American people at a record pace: in 2009, one year, they spent more than all past Presidents combined. It is unfortunate that the federal government has again chosen to ignore the voices of the American people.
A strong national defense is central to the security and protection of the American people. I am committed to ensuring that our military remains the most effective and capable military in the world. Recent attempted terrorist attacks within the borders of our country make it very clear that terrorists are still determined to destroy our society. We must maintain a strong national defense.
I introduced what has now become landmark adoption legislation, the Adoption and Safe Families Act. This legislation put the health and safety of children first, and gave our nation’s foster children a fighting chance. It streamlines the adoption process to quickly help move more children in foster care into permanent adoptive homes. The statute also offers incentives to states to increase the number of adoption efforts when a child’s safety is in danger. I am pleased that this legislation also spurred National Adoption Day and National Adoption Month (November), while encouraging adoption throughout the year.

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